Plantains, Not Grains: Plantain Tortillas

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So let’s go back to plantains for a moment. Remember my amazement at using plantains for waffles? If you haven’t read my blog on plantain gingerbread waffles, I recommend you check it out. After that first dip into the sea of plantain amazingness, I decided to try my hand at a more savory treat for my family. What was something else we had been craving but no longer ate because of our son’s/my/everyone’s allergies and sensitivities……


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, tacos. No gluten + corn sensitive child + hippy mom = not a lot of organic tortilla options for taco night. Sure we improvised – romaine lettuce makes an excellent boat for your taco condiments. But it just wasn’t the same as folding a warm, soft taco shell around a cacophony of flavors and biting into a mixture of hot/cold deliciousness. Now I’m salivating!

But let’s be real for a second – I never for a second believed that some banana-like fruit could make me a tortilla fit for a taco. No way, no how. A passable substitute, sure. But something that my family would like even better than our previous homemade flour tortillas – not possible. Well I am here to say it *IS* possible – my six-year old, who reminds me of everything he remembers from the “before time” that he likes better than what I am making him in the present, has not once asked for his “old tortillas” back. If that isn’t saying something, I don’t know what is!

Now before I give you the recipe, you may recall my helpful plantain tips from our last post (If not, you should probably go give it another look). Here’s a helpful visual of the color stages of a plantain.

They are all usable and delicious, but they all impart a different flavor. For taco tortillas, you will want the greenest to just barely yellow plantains for that savory taste. For a more crepe like tortilla, yellow is the one. I have yet to make one with a black plantain, but I’m assuming it wouldn’t have enough starch to stay together. I should probably get out there and make some today to prove myself wrong!

And now, for the moment you have all been waiting for and have probably skipped all of the words of the blog in order to find, the recipe:

Plantain Tortillas (Paleo/Whole30/Vegan/DELICIOUS)

1 pound of peeled, cubed raw plantains (so this means if you weigh them with the skin on like I do, you have throw a few more ounces onto the scale)

1/3 cup of avocado oil (it’s the most neutral tasting and great at high heats)

1 level tsp. of salt (any more and it will be a bit too salty!)

1/3 cup of water (plus possibly a wee bit more to make a nice, smooth batter)

Now this is how easy these plantain recipes are: put ingredients in the blend and blend for 1-2 minutes until you get a nice, smooth batter. I mean it people – no lumps, not a one! Lumps = not fluffy tortillas. They will still taste good, but they won’t have that fully tortilla-like goodness. But to be fair, I’ve been lazy and/or strapped for time before and made them with less than smooth batter – no one complained! Maybe they are all just scared of Chef Fowler…!

Take your silky smooth batter and make tortillas sized rounds on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. I like to make them a bit smaller to fit into the smallest hands at our table. I heard tell someone made a huge burrito sized one for themselves. Up to you.

Bake at 400 degrees F. for 10-12 minutes. Make sure it looks as if it is cooking well, then flip them over and bake for another 10-12 minutes, until they are just starting to become golden brown on the edges. Take them out and serve immediately.

So there you go – plantain tortillas! Luckily, Di Vita Organic has a plantain buy coming up, so get on out there and make some today. And leave me some comment love – your favorite topping perhaps?

And now I shall leave you with a picture of my husband eating a taco (the kids kept making silly taco faces – priceless!) and my taco masterpiece of the evening!


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