Winter Detox and Gut Reset

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We have our first guest blogger. Please welcome Shelly with Be Well Monterey. She is a licensed Esthetician and a Health Coach. We are excited to hear about her 5 day winter detox and gut healing program. I myself will be doing the program in February and will report back after I am finished.

After witnessing so many people lose weight temporarily on a program or diet fad only to gain it all back again, I decided that I must form an all encompassing program with the goal of true long-term change towards optimal health whether that is weight-loss, hormone balancing, regaining energy, or all the above. I’ve helped people work towards optimal health for years, and weight-loss just happened through that process. I’ve been able to hone in on what works best and quickest for most people, and what needs to be customized for individuals. My goals for the program:  to be doable, enjoyable and integrative,  to give focus, support and direction and to provide long-lasting life-upgrading changes. I mean, who wants to just drink juice and feel like they’re starving for a few days, then regain that 4 lbs they lost plus another 2?!  Let’s get to the root cause, and deal with it!

Roller-coaster? Plateau? Increased Weight Gain? I trained for half marathons for about 3 years and calorie-counted without losing ONE POUND. Years later I drank butter for breakfast among other delicious things, learned about deep breathing and exercised only one hour a week and you know what happened? I hit high school weight and my brain turned back on. WTF!? That was super awesome to say the LEAST. This experience sparked a deep desire to “hack” my wellness with cutting edge knowledge and leaving the whole low-fat high-exercise craze in the dust. I signed up for podcasts, became a certified health coach, experimented, joined groups and soaked in the knowledge.

With my background as a wellness coach and a subconscious energy healer, my focus was to include a very powerful mental aspect to this detox. It’s never just about food, just about exercise or just about mental mindset. We need all three for true healing because of course, they all influence each other. I began to form a detox and gut reset program in my mind throughout 2017, on and off, but never seemed to bring it into existence. I didn’t realize what my hangup was, what was making it so difficult? What was missing?

After hearing a dozen wellness specialists and functional doctors speak to the healing effects of bone broth, I knew it had to be a major part of any detox or gut healing program that I offer. It was truly the one missing piece to my motivational puzzle to create this program and unleash it onto the world! Bone broth as you know is usually very expensive and I found it tough to direct someone to go buy like 9 jars of an organic fresh bone broth at wholefoods in order to do my program.

Enter Fountain of Youth Bone Broth. Affordable, locally sourced, organic, and pasture raised golden healing elixir brought forth into existence by my good friend Wendy. It was my missing piece!!

This girl has been making healing bone broth for years to nourish her family and friends and after having 4 babies within 3 years of each other (the last two are twins) she decided to create her bone broth company, because, why not?! I finally had the motivation to complete the detox, and collaborate with Wendy to finalize the program and I had the honor to do a test run with her so I could experience what people would experience, detox and heal my gut post-holiday madness, and tweak the program as needed.

The test run went better than expected. I was 137 pounds, with not much I wanted to lose, but I knew I had built up inflammation from holiday eating and stress. I just wanted to regain my energy and mental clarity so I followed my diet plan which left me satiated until about 5 pm when I felt the need to make dinner. To my delight I never experienced an “I’m starving!” feeling. Each day there are videos on morning mantras, deep breathing exercises and detox exercises to go along with the daily instructions of what to eat and drink during each day and recipes. Day 3 I felt a little agitated, a pretty normal feeling as toxins are mobilized and moving through your body but I have ways of combating that effect which worked well. The morning after the end of the detox I weighed in at 131. I was stoked with that. My husband who tends to not notice when I chop 4 inches off my hair and dye it noticed my weight-loss. YESS! and then a funny thing happened. the NEXT morning I hit 130 lbs. Freaking awesome! This detox was the gift that kept giving. My theory is because it squashes inflammation and helps heal the gut, all great for immediate weight-loss.

We all know we need to eat more veggies and drink more water, but many of us don’t know what we should be avoiding and what we should be doing less of because it’s like kryptonite for us even though it fuels others. Confusion about WHAT to eat has never been more intense than today. Support is key to long-term change. Find this from me, from our facebook detox group, we’re all going through the same thing at the same time! I’ve learned about all the diet fads, what works, what does not, what functional medicine docs are using to CURE root causes of everything from autoimmune to diabetes and cancer.  What works is opposite of what we’ve been told. We don’t have to starve to truly detox, heal, and reset our gut.

The point of the detox is really to prove to yourself that you in fact can feel better, think better and look better through a focused mindset on quality foods that fuel you personally, find exercises that bring you joy, and healing past traumas and negative self judgement. Did you know that almost EVERY woman I see for subconscious healing knows how to GIVE love but not how to RECEIVE love subconsciously? Not a surprise when you think about it but still, a bit eye opener. Think about it next time you turn someone’s offer to help you down even though you could desperately use it!

How about this doosie: about 60% of women who have been struggling with being overweight long-term have a subconscious belief that they are SAFER overweight because they receive less attention, catcalls, and unwanted advances when they are overweight. This is an example of someone wanting SO BAD consciously to drop the weight and keep it off, while the subconscious keeps them safe by helping them to decide to eat that pint of ice cream and get injured at the gym (yep I said it) and get depressed about it… to decide they are too busy and just need to focus on their family or are too tired to cook. The subconscious rules 70-90% of our conscious decisions, and so many of those decisions are created from trying to keep us safe with these self-sabotaging core beliefs. This, folks is why healing these subconscious beliefs is such an important step in obtaining new ways of living, giving up old habits and stopping negative loops.

Let’s go beyond the physical this February 15th, 2018 ~ together!

The detox includes the bone broth and green juice, plus a subconscious healing session, daily instructions, recipes, text/email support from me and the facebook group!  Learn more here:

To Healthy Habits and Healing!
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