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This blog was designed as a font of information for community events and places, as well as discussion regarding issues in health, wellness, and holistic living. I often like to tell people, “It’s not just a blog where you can learn to make homemade jello!” I recently, however, got to thinking about jello…and it got ugly!

Jello was a staple as a child for my mom who wanted to give us dessert without breaking the budget and/or prep time for dinner. Dump mix into hot and cold water; Let chill in fridge. We kids all had our favorite flavors (mine was strawberry!) and mix-ins (again, strawberries!). It was just the thing that would give us that last push to finish whatever was on our plates in order for that jiggly wonder to be presented in front of us.

As a health-conscious, holistically-minded adult, however, I am HORRIFIED at the amount of chemicals, dyes, and preservatives that I ingested during those formative years, not to mention the sugar. Don’t get me started about the sugar! So while I really want to be able to have those awesome, not so time-consuming desserts at my dinner table, there is no way I’m peeling open a box of Trademarked brand J-E-L-L-O for my kiddos.

Enter in one of my favorite Di Vita Organic vendors: Vital Proteins. Not only are their products completely grass fed-grass finished, but there are no extra additives or dyes and such to dilute the amazing health benefit of these products. In fact, their products are minimally processed and filled with clean-labeled products in order to help us increase collagen in our systems, which our body is unable to adequately synthesize and is not found abundantly in our modern standard diets. Collagen is necessary for skin, hair, joint, nail, and bone growth and function. So basically, with this jello recipe I am not only making an easy dessert that earns me the title of “Most Awesome Mom/Wife,” but I am also looking out for the health and corporeal development of my family. That sounds like a win-win to me!

So this jello literally consists of 3 ingredients: water, Vital Protein’s gelatin, and fruit juice. The flavor of this dish comes from the pure, candy-like sweetness that Mother Nature has to offer. So right of my first and only helpful hint would be to make sure it was an organic juice with no additives (yes, people add sugar to juice – crazy pants!). 100% juice will mean that it will still have a sweet flavor without any of the extra nasties that we don’t want in our systems. It also means that we can have gorgeous, vibrant colors to our jello without adding in anything – even natural dyes. It’s just that simple (unless of course you get obsessed with the beauty of these jello and start making tiered masterpieces. If that is the case, post pictures in the comments!!!)


So here you have it – I can now no longer tell people it isn’t a blog about where you can learn to make homemade jello…and maybe that’s not such a bad thing

after all.

Homemade Jello


2 cups 100% organic juice

2 cups pure filtered water

2 tablespoons Vital Protein gelatin


  1. Pour water and juice into a small saucepan.
  2. Shake gelatin evenly over the top of the liquid and allow to sit for 2 minutes. This is called letting it “bloom” and it is pretty cool to watch. In my household we used this as an example of what the brain gyri and sulci look like. We may or may not be a bit nerdy….
  3. Turn on the heat to medium and whisk the mixture until incorporated. Allow mixture to heat slightly until gelatin grains are no longer visible. Do not, however, let it boil. Big no no.
  4. Place mixture into desired containers (this is usually Mason jar half pints in my house!) and let sit in the refrigerator for a minimum of 3-4 hours.
  5. Take out and enjoy!


This recipe can easily be doubled or tripled. I have yet to quadruple it, but when I do I will let you know if that, too, is possible.

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