5 Day Detox and Gut Reset: The Good, The Ugly, and The Results.

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We were first introduced to Shelly’s 5 day detox and gut reset in our first guest post where she wrote all about it. I decided to give this detox a try and check the results out for myself. It is recommended that you weigh yourself before the detox, however I do not own a scale so I just went off how I felt and what I look like.

I have PCOS which is a hormonal disorder, that gives me this thing I like to call the menopause belly. You know that patruding hard belly kind of like a man’s beer belly if you will. Which makes me look pregnant even when I am not.

Shelly gives you all the tools you need to succeed with this detox. She gives you a list of foods you can eat, recipes for your meals, the green juice and the bone broth as well as detailed instructions for each day. It is a very easy plan to follow.

During the detox you drink bullet proof coffee/tea for breakfast every day. You drink green juice bone broth, as well as plenty of water. You are allowed to eat certain veggies, meats, nuts, etc.. On the first day since I don’t drink coffee I drank some Bulletproof tea with coconut oil instead of butter very bad choice, Don’t do it. It took everything I had to drink the entire cup. So I was really thinking to myself what am I getting myself into. I followed the days plan that shelly lays out and went to bed feeling pretty good. I will say that if you are not used to eating this way I would probably stay close to a bathroom as about 30 mins after i drank the green juice and ate lunch I was in the bathroom it was like that for the first few days.

On the second day I did a glass of tea with butter. This tasted better but it still wasn’t great. It wasn’t as hard to choke down as the coconut oil tea. As with day one I followed Shelly’s instructions to the letter. I will say that I was feeling pretty good. By day three I could definitely tell that there were some changes being made as my wedding ring usually fits snuggly and by the end of day 3 it was kind of falling off. I did find out on day 3 that the brand of butter is definitely important as I use the Kerry Golf brand that Shelly recomended for my bulletproof tea and was able to drink it down pretty well.

Day 4 was the worst. I woke up at 3 in the morning with an excruciating migraine. So bad that I was throwing up from the pain. However I was able to eat some nuts and take a little bit of cannabis to help me fall back asleep. And I woke up a couple hours later feeling fine. I continued feeling good through the rest of the detox with more energy and just an all-around healthier feeling. I honestly believe that migraine was because I did not eat enough the day before as I was running around doing errands.

By the end of the detox my menopause belly was gone. My energy was up. I just felt all around better. My husband said that he could definitely tell a change. He said my skin felt different, whatever that means. While I do not have a scale to see if I lost any weight I can tell by the way my wedding ring was hanging off my finger and the way my pants were fitting a little loser that there was definitely some small weight loss.

Over all the detox was a success and is something I will probably do again. I am keeping up the bulletproof tea every morning. I drink bone broth a few times a week. I make my own, but if you don’t want to take the time to do that then you can purchase Fountain of Youth Bone Broth through our co-op or directly from Wendy.

I would recomend this detox to anyone who may be feeling sluggish or just wants to make a change. It is a great way to start that change. Contact Shelly with Be Well Monterey to get started. The next date to start is April 1st.

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