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Holy Guacamole!

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Lately I’ve had a hankering for guacamole. Now, this may be because I just purchased a dozen avocados from our Di Vita Organic produce buy, but that is beside the point. It has gotten to where I am dreaming about a perfectly triangular chip slathered in bright green deliciousness! Finding guacamole around where I live […]

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This blog was designed as a font of information for community events and places, as well as discussion regarding issues in health, wellness, and holistic living. I often like to tell people, “It’s not just a blog where you can learn to make homemade jello!” I recently, however, got to thinking about jello…and it got […]

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Plantains, Not Grains: Plantain Tortillas

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So let’s go back to plantains for a moment. Remember my amazement at using plantains for waffles? If you haven’t read my blog on plantain gingerbread waffles, I recommend you check it out. After that first dip into the sea of plantain amazingness, I decided to try my hand at a more savory treat for […]

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