How It Works

How It Works – A Closer Look

Participating in Our Co-op Buys…A Closer Look

1 – Find Your Buys

All buys open at the beginning of the month and have a specific close date. Our calendar shows this information to help you plan all of your purchases.

2 – Placing an Order

We use Google sheets for orders. We will post order forms on our Facebook group. We are working on imputing all our vendors into, until this is done we will continue to use google sheets.  Placing items on the order form should be considered ordering them. You will be invoiced and accountable for all items on the form on the day the buy closes.

3 – Paying for your Order

Once the order closes we will send an invoice to you through paypal.  Final price will  include a small co-op fee of 10% and Salinas Sales Tax of 9.25% for all applicable items. The co-op fee allows us to get the necessary supplies (e.g., printing, labels, organization) to effectively run and organize this group and our group buys. As well as give back to the community through community enrichment programs.  All payments are processed through paypal.

Remember: Placing items on the order form should be considered ordering them. You will be invoiced and accountable for all items on the order form on the day the buy closes.

Please process payment within 24 hours of receiving the paypal Invoice. 

4 – Check your Order Status

All order information can be found via the Order Status File via Facebook group. This gives you a quick look at the order process as well as the current status of each order.

5 – Picking up your Order

Contact your site host to get the inside scoop on how your pick up will work. Your pickup site often won’t be able to get a hold of you until you reach out to them! Once your order is sorted, it will be sent to your preferred pick up location. Within 3 days of being notified by your site host that your order is available, please pick up your items. If you fail to pick up your order within that time frame, it will need to be shipped directly to you at your cost to keep the pickup locations efficient. If you fail to pay your shipping invoice within an additional 3 days, your items will be relinquished to Di Vita Organic.

We also offer delivery to your door for $3 per delivery (Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday) and shipping directly to your home for actual cost.

5 – Pick-up Location

Sam– Monterey
Misty– Castroville
Erica– Salinas
Darcy– Marina

6 – Admins

Erica– Buy Admin
Darcy– Event planner/community outreach cordinator


Questions about your Order?
Due to the agreements we make with our vendors, please do not contact any vendors directly. If you have any questions, email our us and the buy admin will work with you to solve your questions. Our vendors, and the admins, appreciate it!

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