What It Takes to be a member of Di Vita Organic Co-op
A Look at Our Policies

  • We are local to Monterey County. We have a central location, several drop areas or we can ship your items directly to you.
  • We deliver to drop locations 1 day a week — Wednesday. You are welcome to pick up from our central drop location anytime orders are there waiting to be delivered. 
  • Your order helps meet minimums for the whole group and, as such, it’s important that you make any final changes, including canceling prior to the buy close date. If you cancel your order after the buy close date more than one time, your account may be frozen in order to recover any lost funds or items. Any shipping from vendors will be divided among the ordering members fairly.
  • Our relationships with our vendors and suppliers are important. Items purchased are for Personal Use Only. Resale for profit is prohibited. Contacting the vendor about your order is prohibited. We are able to get great deals on products largely because of our building relationships with our vendors. We want to honor our agreements to keep our pricing within our small and loyal group. In order to ensure we are maintaining our vendor agreements, we ask that you refrain from mentioning your personal products on our sites.
  • You’re going to love what you order. Unless your product is recalled or under warranty, it cannot be returned. If anything was recalled (e.g., spice mix), our admin team works to make sure you know what to do and will refund/exchange as outlined in the recall notice. If you bought a product and find that it isn’t what you expected or wanted, we encourage you to post it on our Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade album.
  • Your participation is important. We welcome you to get involved on our Facebook board and we encourage you to place at least one order a quarter.
  • Google Sheets make it all possible.  Google Sheets is our preferred ordering platform.
  • Holds happen. Sometimes we have to put a hold on the accounts. Most of the time, this is done to make sure you read a very important message and it’s the easiest way to make sure we get your attention. Also, if there is ever any mix-up or difficulties with your previous orders, we may need to put a hold on your account to figure out what’s happening. So, holds happen, but they happen for a reason…and we’ll be in touch to get everything back to golden.
  • Our co-op works best when we all work together. We are all adults and should be able to follow a few simple rules. We expect our members to be good communicators. Our system works because we build trust with our members – we trust members will respect arranged pickup times, we trust that members will pay their invoices promptly and we trust that our members will provide a timely response when/if we contact them. This way, we can all trust each other a little more when it comes to splits, buys and other group activities.
  • We are big fans of PayPal and we know you will be too. The site helps us keep track of all the payments coming in and purchases going out. This is the default and preferred method of payment for all your orders through Di Vita Organic Co-op. If by any chance your item(s) are out of stock or a refund needs to be issued, it will be refunded via PayPal.

If you have any questions, send an email to DiVitaOrganic@gmail.com.

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